Stanford University Athletics Heritage Museum

The Stanford University Athletics Heritage Museum is a historical exhibit hall featuring trophies, photographs, equipment, banners, and other memorabilia from throughout the history of the Stanford University Athletics Program.  Film and video footage of athletic events can be viewed at interactive media kiosks located throughout the Museum.  The interactive touch screen system enables visitors to call up videos of events, or of a particular athlete, via a touch screen menu system.  An Auditorium offers large screen viewing for multimedia presentations and press conferences.

Upon entering the Museum, a visitor passes an information desk and moves toward a central directory.  Exhibit cases are arranged in a radial pattern out from the directory and are organized by the individual varsity sports.  The exhibit cases vary in height to give people a sense of orientation and wayfinding throughout the exhibits, and to provide a sculptural interest to the space.  Lighting is provided by track lights and small halogen accent lights within the exhibit cases.  The flooring materials within each exhibit area mimic the court or field lines and surfacing on which the sport is played.  The basketball area floor is maple, the swimming and diving areas are pool tiles and lane markers, football and baseball are Astroturf etc.  The Heritage Museum has enjoyed widespread popularity since its opening and has been a tool for recruiting new athletes to the Stanford Athletics Programs.