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Firm Philosophy

We make architecture that inspires, melding the particularities of site, the interplay of space and utility, the potential of light and form, and a rigorous attention to detail. Our design work is ordered by a systematic search for and evaluation of alternatives in an ongoing dialogue with our clients, whom we think of as equal collaborators. This inclusive process creates designs in which playful, provocative ideas take form; the result is buildings of enduring quality that advance the vision of their users while enhancing daily life.

About Us

Meeks, Coates + Eaton Architects was established in January of 1991, with a major emphasis on providing professional architectural, interior design and planning services to a diverse clientele. Our practice includes institutional, commercial, and residential projects for clients ranging in size from large institutions to individuals. Projects include new buildings, expansions, and remodeling of existing buildings. We often work with commercial and institutional clients over long periods of time as the clients’ needs change and their buildings grow and evolve.

Meeks, Coates + Eaton Architects provides a full range of Architectural, Planning and Landscape Architectural Services including site planning and design, master planning, facility programming, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, construction documents and specifications, construction contract administration, and value engineering. We have a background and understanding of building codes, regulatory requirements, and high technology buildings.

Our goal is to design sustainable buildings and spaces in harmony with the natural environment and which support and delight the people who use and experience them. We work with forms, shapes, light, color, texture, views, focus, and spatial organization to achieve this. We approach each project and the unique conditions of a site for an appropriate design solution which responds to the requirements of that situation. We design within the context of the local building traditions and community. We feel buildings should be timeless, rather than trendy, while utilizing modern materials and technology as appropriate for energy conservation, sustainability, and efficiency.

Finally, we work closely with our clients so that their buildings provide the optimum value for every design and construction dollar spent.

Our objective is to provide our clients with a comprehensive set of services which can be tailored to best serve particular needs and concerns. Our firm consists of qualified professionals whose task is to assemble, coordinate and supervise a Project Team through problem identification, analysis, and recommended solutions. The Project Team consists of the consultants and client and/or user representatives. Our proven combination of strong design and technical skills ensures no separation of the design and technical aspects of any project. Our foremost concern with any project is to achieve an outstanding design and to back that up with high quality documentation.

Our Senior Staff has extensive experience and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any effort. We are committed to leading a Team that offers the familiarity with the project context and the process that is required to deliver the highest quality project on time and on budget.