Scott's Restaurant

This expansion of a popular bar and restaurant features a 160-seat outdoor dining and event space currently used for banquets, wedding receptions, and music events.  The project was designed in conjunction with Camp + Camp Associates, Landscape Architects.

The plan adds to Scott’s an adjacent historic residence and a heritage Oak tree estimated to be 350 years old.  The rear yard of the former residence became the event and support space, with its satellite bar and kitchen.  The residence was remodeled to accommodate Scott’s Offices and a Banquet Room.

Brick, stone, brass and other high-quality materials complement the extensive landscaping and add to the ambience.

Award: City of Walnut Creek, Action for Beauty Commission. This project created a new environmental education store inside the Bear Valley Visitor Center, originally designed by Bull Volkman Stockwell.  The goal of this project was to blend the architecture of the new store seamlessly with the existing interpretive and Visitor Information Center.  Lighting is designed to direct lights at selected displays and to use general illumination and day light to draw visitors in toward the products.

Flexible kiosk display systems on casters can be easily rearranged to display different seasonal product offerings. The layout of the fixtures flows out into the exhibit hall to draw visitors into the store. The original award-winning building recalls the traditional building forms of the agricultural uses in the area.  The exterior of the building was altered to provide more windows to admit light into the bookstore and offices which brightened the interior of the entire visitor center.